Hi! I’m Amy!

I’m a single mother of three, an elementary school teacher, and an entrepreneur. I am passionate about teaching, but as a single Mom, my teaching salary wasn’t cutting it. You see, teachers get paid based on a rigid salary scale that eventually maxes out….and no matter how talented I am, how much time I put in, how many kids I help…my pay doesn’t change.

I kept thinking: Was I really going to let someone else dictate my value?

So I decided to open a virtual business of my very own.  And that has totally changed my life.

My journey as an entrepreneur began. In 2014, I joined a network marketing company, and within 10 months, I was in the top 2% of the entire organization.

Now I help other women do the same by working with them to build thriving, at-home virtual businesses.

Could an online business work for you? Let’s connect and find out.